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Technology Scouting

Use technology-based terms to find the right tech companies and startups – worldwide! Find the startups that fit your growth strategy and identify potentially disruptive business models that are relevant to your industry!



Observe your technology area worldwide and identify the right startups, competitors and key players in new technology areas!


We create tailor-made content tailored to your special needs or target groups cost-effectively and at short notice: studies, analyses, presentations, infographics on almost all technological business fields. Spotfolio has a database of more than 750 000 international tech companies and startups.



How is the market in the domain of your interest structured, how it will develop further?
Are there any best practices or any benchmarks that could be identified? Who are the best in class or leading tech enterprises (e.g. start-ups) in this segment and what are their success criteria?


Why Technology Scouting?

Technology scouting is the basis for your innovation management, identifies new technological developments as early as possible and protects you from disruptive business models.


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