Berliner Startup Dojo Madness erhält 2 Mio. EUR Seed-Finanzierung

Berlin-based eSports startup DOJO MADNESS raised €2 Million seed investment round to expand their technology and products.

DOJO MADNESS is a technology-driven company founded by several eSports and gaming veterans including Jens Hilgers, founder and chairman of Turtle Entertainment/ESL. Harnessing the latest innovations in machine learning, the team has created a set of sophisticated tools that help gamers master their play.

Seed investors of this round are DN Capital, London Venture Partners, March Capital Partners, 500 Startups and The HIVE as well as several Angel Investors, including Kristian Segerstrale.

Recently DOJO MADNESS successfully released its first product: LOLSUMO, a virtual coaching app for League of Legends. Several thousand early access users already benefit from its dynamic game guides and tailored, situational item builds, saving them considerable time from searching online, as well as gaining crucial summarized information at a glance. The App is available on Google Play, where users celebrate its quality with an outstanding user satisfaction rating of 4.9 out of 5.

“It is our mission to make eSports games more accessible by providing tools and content that help players master those games faster while providing a more positive and rewarding learning experience,” states DOJO MADNESS CEO Jens Hilgers. “The main focus of our efforts is BRUCE.GG, a platform that will add an entirely new dimension to the way gamers enjoy, watch and interact with their game. The data-enriched video and coaching features of BRUCE.GG will benefit newcomers, amateurs and pro-teams alike, offering sophisticated match analysis, tactical insight and advice as well as all the top scenes from their matches. This enables players to get valuable data and feedback in near real-time, which is not available anywhere else. With our SUMO apps, BRUCE.GG and upcoming products in our pipeline we are very excited to contribute to the continued evolution of the eSports ecosystem.”

BRUCE.GG is set to launch at the major ESL ONE DOTA2 event taking place on June 21st and 22nd at Frankfurt Commerzbank Arena. Fans and spectators will be able to see BRUCE.GG technology in action through seamless integration into the event’s show and broadcast, improving the overall spectator experience at home and in the stadium.

At the moment, BRUCE.GG supports DOTA2. The platform will be expanded to serve popular titles across the eSports spectrum, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends.

“The DOJO MADNESS team has the right combination of world class team & technology, warp speed, execution and passion to revolutionise eSports learning and playing. We are very excited to have the opportunity to invest in the company,” said Paul Heydon, Partner at LVP.

Nenad Marovac, Founder and Managing Partner at DN Capital said: “DN Capital is very happy to lead the investment in Dojo Madness, backing a very experienced team in a large untapped market with a compelling customer offering.”

Passionate gamers by heart, DOJO MADNESS is a team of eSports veterans building next generation tools that help gamers master their play. DOJO’s technology-driven products solve real issues gamers and community are facing every day.


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