Apped Oy erhält 500.000 Euro von Privatinvestoren

Ari Rahkonen, Aki Antman, Kimmo Rasila and Tero Virtala, some of Finland’s most well known technology thought leaders, have joined forces with industry experts to found a start-up company for digital and networked markets.

Apped Oy aims to create new kinds of business applications, which function like app stores’ downloadable games. Besides being easy and fun to use, they tackle the challenges of office work within seconds rather than minutes or hours. The apps will make use of the company’s data with no development or maintenance requirements, saving precious resources for other important tasks. Despite their simplicity, the apps comply perfectly with companies’ security specifications.

Apped Oy has received close to half a million euros in private funding as well as Tekes funding for planning global growth. Research the company recently conducted, which covered the most important markets in Finland with over 100 000 data professionals, showed there’s a growing need for this revolutionary business model.


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