Seedfinanzierung für Mobile-Ad-tech Startup matchinguu

matchinguu successfully raises capital. The ad tech start-up from Munich is now set-up for growth. Providing app publishers added value through intelligent realtime-communication that improves customer relationships.

It has happened to all of us: Your favorite new app all of a sudden sends irrelevant notifications promoting latest offers. Vacation on the beach and here comes the latest snow report as a greeting from home. Long story short: Users are bothered with a growing number of messages that are not fitting the situation they are currently in. Those push-messages are easily send, but the annoyed user can just as easy opt-out of notifications or even delete the entire app straight away.

As a consequence, app developers are starting to search for opportunities to monetize through services that improve communication with their users and are actually adding value.

matchinguu, a start-up located in Munich, Germany, is tackling these problems by offering app developers a new technology. The matchinguu platform empowers them to acquire new app users and retain them through targeted and real-time communication.

“Connecting the digital and the physical world is getting more important every day and that’s why we are providing a new path beyond the limitations of reach and technology”, says Felix Heberle, CEO and co-founder of matchinguu.

In order to push the technology and prepare the international expansion towards North America, the founders Felix Heberle, Jaron Schaechter and Juergen Fey recently collected a six digit seed investment from well-known agencies, private investors and a major telco.

While online marketers are discussing the downsides of programmatic and the increasing spread of ad blocking technology onto smartphones, matchinguu is stepping ahead and ensures that app publishers can create experiences and services that are matching the current context of the user perfectly. In order to absorb the significant customer interest, the company is also looking to extend their team.

About matchinguu:
matchinguu is a mobile ad tech company. Its goal is to change the way app publishers and advertisers interact with audiences.
A push- and proximity-marketing platform empowers realtime engagement that is more targeted and highly relevant. matchinguu believes that optimizing audience sizes for relevance will always lead to the highest customer satisfaction and conversion. A seamless flow between the physical reality and the digital world is optimizing ROI for our app publishers. By connecting apps in their network, they provide new options to grow traffic and deliver innovative monetization opportunities without being intrusive to users.


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