Skeleton Technologies wins Best Startup Award at Ecosummit 2015

Skeleton Technologies, Europe’s leading manufacturer of high-performance, graphene-based ultracapacitors, has won the ECO15 London Award. Part of the Ecosummit 2015 conference in London, the award recognises the best “smart green startup” in Europe.
Out of 37 nominated startups, Skeleton Technologies took the Gold Award, with Solarkiosk taking Silver and the Bronze position handed to Grundgrün.
Skeleton Technologies CEO, Taavi Madiberk commented: “Winning the title of the most successful smart green startup in Europe gives us additional firepower and motivation, in our mission to build the best energy storage solution for our customers, and meet increasing market demand.”
Ecosummit Founder, Jan Michael Hess commented: “Skeleton Technologies are worthy winners of the ECO15 London Award. This is a company that we’ve known for a while and they’ve made really incredible progress in that time. The winner was chosen by a panel of 53 judges and it’s clear that people are very impressed with Skeleton’s story.”
Ultracapacitors are energy storage devices with much higher power and longer life cycles than batteries. The technology excels in capturing and releasing vast amounts of power in a short time frame.
Skeleton Technologies is the only ultracapacitor manufacturer to use graphene in their cells. The company uses a patented material that has curved graphene layers, allowing for better conductivity and higher surface area.
This material has enabled the young company to quickly achieve breakthroughs in product performance, delivering twice the energy density and 5 times the power density of competitors’ products.
So far this year, Skeleton Technologies has announced a major deal with the European Space Agency (ESA) to send ultracapcitors into orbit; raised €9.8 million in Series B financing; and developed the highest energy density ultracapacitor on the market.
The company has helped to launch several new products including the world’s first Kinetic Energy Recovery System (KERS) for freight vehicles, an Engine Start Module (ESM) for trucks; and a hybrid Unmanned Ground Vehicle (UGV) for defense applications.
Based in Estonia and Germany, Skeleton Technologies currently has 51 employees, mid-scale manufacturing facilities in Estonia and advanced plans for mass manufacturing in Saxony, Germany. The company has now raised a total of €13.7 million and is currently progressing with Series C fundraising.
Ecosummit is Europe’s leading smart green innovation conference for startups, VCs and corporates, with events held in London and Berlin. This year’s London event at the Crystal bought together 47 startups with 21 venture capitalists and corporate venture capitalists.

Skeleton Technologies is Europe’s leading manufacturer of ultracapacitors, delivering high power, high energy, reliable and long-life storage solutions across industry. Through the use of patented nanoporous carbide-derived carbon, or ‘curved graphene’, we have achieved global breakthroughs in ultracapacitor performance. Our ultracapacitors deliver twice the energy density and 5 times the power density offered by other manufacturers.
In 2014 we opened a 1000 m2 pilot plant and launched our SkelCap series ultracapacitors, which have gained considerable traction in the motorsport, automotive and aerospace sectors, among others. In June 2015 we secured €9.8 million capital from institutional investors for further expansion. Our current customer base includes global engineering companies, the European Space Agency and several Tier 1 automotive manufacturers.
The company employs 51 people, including 9 PhDs, and has two subsidiaries: Skeleton Technologies GmbH located in Bautzen, Germany, which deals with manufacturing and sales; and Skeleton Technologies OÜ, located near Tallinn, Estonia, which handles R&D and pilot production.

Ecosummit is Europe’s leading smart green innovation and impact conference for startups, investors and corporates in Berlin, Amsterdam and London. We focus on smart green energy, mobility and buildings – the 3 pillars of the Energiewende. We love smart, green and lean startups that make and sell intelligent and resource efficient products in a capital efficient way. We promote the best startups from seed investment until exit.

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