swarmOS secures €400,000 in seed funding to create software to accelerate agile business transformation

The recently-launched startup swarmOS©, a company with a mission to support the process of business transformation, has secured €400,000 in seed funding to enable the creation of software to be launched later this year.  Being able to raise this funding is clear evidence of the compelling proposition the company has to meet a gap in the market.

swarmOS is using the well-established and industry-leading Atlassian platform as the basis for their development, extending the platform’s popular Agile software development tools to make them easy to use for business executives.

″No-one doubts the power of the Agile approach in improving speed and quality of software development projects,“ said Matthias Roebel – CEO  of investing MING Labs Group. ″swarmOS will bring the speed and quality of this proven approach to business projects.  The company’s board and senior management have extensive experience and expertise in both software development and business transformation, and this is the key to our confidence in investing in its future success.“

In his previous company, swarmOS CEO Dieter Weisshaar and other stakeholders tackled a massive outsourcing project, which had both software development and business transformational aspects and involved 3,500 tasks, 800 external parties to deal with, and 250 project members in 132 countries. Using the Agile project management approach reduced the implementation time from 12 months down to under four. All the learning from this hugely successful project has been applied to shaping the development of the swarmOS software offerings.

″We’re geared up to deliver our first products to market later this year,“ said Dieter Weisshaar. ″Our cloud model will make it easy to deliver, support and maintain our products so that customers get the most value from them as quickly as possible. It’s a fantastic opportunity to help businesses in these days of volatility and uncertainty using the Agile Approach in business projects.“

About swarmOS

swarmOSⓒ is the cloud solution for agile business transformation. Its mission is to develop software solutions that enable organizations to manage the agile transformation of their business successfully and smoothly. swarmOS GmbH is currently funded by private investors from the software and venture capital industries. swarmOSⓒ is a registered trademark of swarmOS GmbH.


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