Innoactive erhält 4,4 Mio. Euro von UVC Partners und Capnamic Ventures

Innoactive, a leading provider of VR/AR software, is receiving an investment of €4.4 million. The lead investor is Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners (UVC Partners), alongside Capnamic Ventures, two strong partners who will support Innoactive in expanding its technology and product development.

Since 2015 Innoactive has been providing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) solutions to customers in the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and retail industries, among others. The software platform Innoactive Hub simplifies the creation and use of professional VR/AR applications. With the Innoactive SDK (Software Development Kit) for Unity, applications for planning, simulation and training can be created quickly, easily and with consistently high quality. The Innoactive Hub platform enables central content management and, with its intuitive user interface, provides a central entry point for all employees to meet virtually together and improve their workplace, regardless of where they are located.

“Particularly in the areas of production and logistics, the great savings potential offered by virtual reality leads to enormous demand for VR training content. With our Innoactive Hub platform we offer an exciting solution with low entry barriers to create training content faster, use it more efficiently and roll it out company wide,” explains Daniel Seidl, founder and CEO of Innoactive.

Innoactive has helped its customers such as Volkswagen, MediaMarktSaturn, Carl Zeiss, Deutsche Bahn, Audi and Continental to reach their digital transformation milestones by using Innoactive’s VR/AR software. After the Volkswagen Group announced in 2017 that it would use Innoactive’s platform for the global implementation of collaborative VR training solutions, this year it plans to use the Innoactive Hub as the basis for training 10,000 employees in production and logistics (video).

To further strengthen the company’s strong market position, the investment will be used for technology and product development as well as for expanding international sales and enlarging the development team. On the product side, the Innoactive SDK will be equipped with additional functions that enable customers and partners to create VR training applications quickly and easily.

Christian Knott, Partner at Capnamic Ventures and Johannes von Borries, Managing Partner at UVC Partners agree that Innoactive offers a leading VR product with an enterprise-ready model. The application area of training solves a very specific problem for customers today and allows Innoactive to position itself strategically as the platform creator for virtual reality solutions. Both partners look forward to helping Innoactive continue to establish the technology in the market and cater to the specific applications of its customers.


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