Enabling a plastic-free microplastic hunt: “Rocket” improves detection of very small particles

Microplastics are omnipresent in the environment. Whether in the Arctic ice, the sand of the Sahara or the sediments of the deep sea – environmental researchers find these artificial particles everywhere. Figures on how much of this occurs in the environment, however, are usually based on estimates only. Due to its variable behaviour in the environment, its similarity to natural components and the fact that microplastics are often masked by biofilm growth, it is difficult and time-consuming to record these particles. Now, researchers have developed a novel device that collects very small particles without contamination.

PD Dr. Matthias Labrenz
Working Group Environmental Microbiology
Leibniz Institute for Baltic Sea Research
Tel. +49 381 5197-378

Press release dated: 10/22/2018


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