blufolio blockchain venture capital fund invests in fintech-startup YAPEAL

blufolio, the Swiss blockchain investment firm and manager of the Luxembourg-registered blufolio
venture capital fund, is pleased to announce its first investment in a portfolio company, YAPEAL.

Geneva, Switzerland, 17th April, 2019:


YAPEAL is a Zurich-based digital banking start-up founded by
an experienced team of finance and technology professionals. YAPEAL is initially addressing a specific
section of the Swiss consumer market, with strong potential for mid-term growth via a B2B
“We are delighted to support the growth of YAPEAL, which targets a clear gap in the Swiss banking
market. We see great opportunities for YAPEAL’s world-class management team to scale the
company’s offering via partnerships in the Swiss and broader European market”, says Balazs Klemm,
founding partner of blufolio
James Dougall, blufolio founding partner, describes how YAPEAL fits into blufolio’s investment
philosophy: “Switzerland and Fintech are blufolio’s absolute cornerstone investment themes. YAPEAL
fits perfectly into both. We always look for a clearly defined target market and ability to execute,
which must both be given, in addition to a strong blockchain-related product and tech stack. YAPEAL
delivers on all fronts. We look forward to accompanying them on their growth path.”


YAPEAL AG is a Zurich-based digital banking start-up developing a digital-to-the-core, cloud-native
banking infrastructure using elements of blockchain technology. YAPEAL is initially pursuing a
proprietary challenger proposition for the consumer market in Switzerland, specifically targeting
‘paycheck to paycheck’ customers. Here management’s declared mission is to empower customers
with a fair, transparent and fun-to-use app, helping them achieve their financial goals. Mid-term
potential for B2B growth is compelling, notably with smaller or regional institutions, or where the
cost of building on top of legacy infrastructure is prohibitive.

About blufolio

blufolio AG is a Geneva-based investment and advisory firm focused on the blockchain and digital
asset industries. We invest in the most promising blockchain-related startups in Switzerland and
internationally via a Luxembourg private fund structure. blufolio aims to bridge this exciting
emerging space with the institutional community, blending a core team of experienced investment
professionals, an extensive global network of advisors and an institutional investment process.
The blufolio founding partners are James Dougall, Mark Browne and Balazs Klemm.
Media contact: Mark Browne,, +41 79 221 73 90
blufolio AG, 7 Chemin des Chalets, CH-1270 Chavannes-de-Bogis, Vaud, Switzerland

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