BioTech / Biopharma Exit: Zambon completes transformational acquisition of Breath Therapeutics

Milan -Italy, July 2019

Zambon completes transformational acquisition of Breath Therapeutics

Zambon, a privately heldlong-established Italian multinational company, extends its presence in severe respiratory diseases through the acquisition of Breath Therapeutics, a biopharmaceutical company developing an innovative inhalation therapy for Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS), a rare fatal respiratory disease currently in phase III.

-Acquisition reinforces Zambon’s strategy to grow through further globalization and continued investment in SpecialtyCare.

-Highly synergistic combination of Breath Therapeutics’ late-stage respiratory drug together with Zambon’s established expertise and commercialization infrastructure.

-Zambon’s severe respiratory disease business now includestwoleading projectsin phase III, both with broad geographic outreach, including USA.

-Price acquisition is €140 million with a total maximum up to €500 million subject to regulatory and sales milestones.

Zambon, a multinational pharmaceutical company that focuses on innovation and development with the aim to improve the quality of people’s health and patients’ lives, announces the acquisition of Breath Therapeutics and its subsidiaries for € 140 million (up to total € 500 million subject to regulatory and salesmilestones).
The combination will improve both companies’ability to better serve patients and healthcare professionals in severe respiratory diseases, as well as accelerate the commercialization of these important new therapies. Breath Therapeutics (BREATH), based in Munich, Germany and Menlo Park, California, US, is a biopharmaceutical company specializing in advanced and first-in-class inhalation therapies for severe respiratory diseases with high unmet medical need. BREATH’s drug candidate isL-CsA-i, a novel proprietary liposomal formulation of Cyclosporine A, designed for inhaled administration with the drug-specific, investigational customized nebulizer from PARI. BREATH initiated two global phase III trials (BOSTON-1 and -2) in the US and Europe to evaluate L-CsA-i for the treatment of Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndrome (BOS), a severeprogressive lung disease with no approved therapies. It is estimated that there are over 30,000 people affected by BOS1.L-CsA-i has received orphan drug designation for the treatment of BOS from the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and European Medicines Agency (EMA), reflecting the high unmet need in addressing this disease. With financing in 2017 from its strong European investor syndicate,which includes Sofinnova Partners, Gimv and Gilde Healthcare, the BREATH team led L-CsA-i into global phase III trials, established a full commercial scale production for the drug and the device, and initiated commercial activities to prepare for and support future product launch. BOS is a rapidly progressive disease that usually leads to respiratory failure and death within one to two years after diagnosis2. BOS is caused by an inflammatory process triggered by the immune system that irreversibly destroys the airways of the lungs. BOS most commonly affects people who have received lung or stem cell transplantation, although it is also associated with autoimmune disease and exposure to environmental contaminants. This disease is particularly devastating to those who have undergone complex transplants, as nearly 50 percent of that patient population develops BOS within five years after transplantation.
Roberto Tascione, Chief Executive Officer at Zambon, commented: “I am proud to announce the acquisition of Breath Therapeutics. This important deal, the largest in our history, reinforces Zambon’s commitment to serve severe respiratory diseases, enhancing and broadening our offering to the healthcare system,and complements our late-stage pipeline. Bronchiolitis Obliterans Syndromeis an incredibly debilitating condition. Through the combination of our geographic footprint, R&D infrastructure and relationships with the scientific communities, we are well positioned to accelerate the development of an important new potential treatment and have the expertise in respiratory and the commercial capabilities to bring the product to patients and doctors as soon as possible. As we want to identify, develop and offer innovativesolutions for the treatment of severe life-altering diseases, this acquisition marks the start of a new phase for Zambon, not only for the great pipeline we’re acquiring but also for the scientific knowledge that the Breath Therapeutics team brings into our company. I look forward to welcoming and working with our new colleagues, as together we can really maximise the potential of these life-changing products.”Elena Zambon,President of Zambon, commented: “It’s a pleasure to welcome in Zambon the Breath Therapeutics team. In a knowledge-based Company, as we are, with a long-termhorizon, continuously focused on innovation, the most important asset are our people, their competences and expertise and, above all, their commitment to make patients’ lives better.This acquisition is aligned to our core values and our vision to innovate cure and care. We are a “113 year old startup Company”, as I often say, with a strong heritage and tradition, aiming to enrich our pipeline with new relevant research projects to invest in the future for our patients and our people.”Jens Stegemann, Chief Executive Officer of Breath Therapeutics, commented: “At Breath Therapeutics, we have established L-CsA-i as a promising therapy for the treatment of BOS, with potential to impact patient lives. In Zambon, an ethical company with a strong heritage of innovation and a genuine commitment to a patient-orientated approach, we have a partner who shares our vision and significantly strengthens our position through their infrastructure, expertise and commitment to R&D.Together with the leading international lung transplantation centers participating in our BOSTON pivotal studies, we are now in an excellent position to achieve advances in the treatment of BOS.”
Zambon expects data from the L-CsA-iphase III clinical trials in 2021 and is confident that the drug will be ready for commercialization by 2023, subject to FDA and EMA regulatory approvals. Zambon’s expertise and resources will complement the Breath Therapeutics’ team as they become part of Zambon. Together, they will work to create an environment in which scientists feel comfortable developing new solutions and are able to drive meaningful change.


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