Airbus and Space Startup Isar Aerospace sign MoU on low Earth orbit satellite constellation launch solutions

Munich, 09.August 2019 – In the fast-moving space industry, launch service provider Isar Aerospace and Airbus Defence and Space have entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on launch solutions for satellite constellations to low Earth orbit (LEO). The flexible launch solutions offered by Munich-based Isar Aerospace allow Airbus greater launch flexibility and cadence at industry-defining low cost. Isar Aerospace’s Spectrum launch vehicle is well suited for satellite constellation deployment and can lift up to one tonne into LEO, enabling high-through put telecommunication and optical / radar satellite missions. The launcher uses environmental-friendly propellants and does not create any space debris during spacecraft separation, enabling sustainable access to space. Isar Aerospace is redefining how small and medium satellites access space through shortened time schedules and increased launch flexibility, commoditizing the usage ofspace in order to solve challenges on Earth. “We’re very excited to welcome Airbus Defence and Space as a partner and fully support their LEO constellation programs stemming from the growing demand for connectivity andenvironmental awareness,” said Daniel Metzler, CEO at Isar Aerospace.

As the LEO constellation market develops, launch capacity for smaller telecom or Earthobservation satellites operated in constellations, becomes a differentiating feature forsatellite manufacturers, and an opportunity for Isar Aerospace. While Isar Aerospace targets first system-level tests of its launch vehicle next year, the company has delivered on its aggressive development timeline so far and is expectedto launch payloads to orbit in late 2021. The company has already signed agreements with multiple launch sites for access to a variety of orbits. “This partnership with Isar Aerospace has the potential to support Airbus’ disruptive Earth observation imagery and connectivity solutions. Small launchers address anunmet need in small satellites launches and will provide a further option for ourcustomers in addition to existing medium and large launchers in Europe,” explained Airbus’ Head of Earth Observation, Navigation & Science Philippe Pham.

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