LightnTec receives seven digit EU funding

Funds from EU program “Horizon 2020” –
Technology to be developped further

Karlsruhe, 17.10.2019.

The start up LightnTec from Karlsruhe, Germany receives a seven digit funding from the EU program “Horizon 2020”. By means of these resources the revolutional technology of the company for digital light on foil will be developped further over aperiod of two years commencing November 2019.

The funds will also be used for scaling up manufacturing in Karlsruhe. With the „Digital Wallpaper“ LightnTec developped a unique video-controlled light foil and took its uccessfully to the market. The sensor-controlled foils are flexible, ultralight and suitable for both indoor and outdoor. This intelligent solution is closing a gap between analogue lighting solutions and high-resolution displays (merging architecture and AV). The technology enables a wide range of applications in the areas of AV display, lighting and Human Centric Lighting by digitizing surfaces on ceilings, walls and facades. Managing director Florian Kall: “We are in the European Champions League”

“Only a very small group of SME with excellent rated projects are gettingfunding from the program `Horizon 2020 ́.We are proud that our disruptive innovation has prevailed. In doing so, LightnTec belongs to the Champions League of the European start up scene” saysFlorianKall, General Manager and founder ofLightnTec.

Managing director Lutz Nehrhoff von Holderberg: “Sustainable development objectives will be pushed” “After this delightful decision a thight work program is ahead of us. Our first important goal is to implement a homogeneous fillfactor of each individual light dot on a rollable foil. Realizing this technology will simplify todays applications and enable new applications and therefore new markets. Already now numerous international customers and partners fully rely on our solution.“ explains Lutz Nehrhoff von Holderberg, Managing Director and co-founder of LightnTec.

President of the advisory board Günther Steffen: „Brussel’s recognition gives us great pleasure“ „We are very delighted by the decision of the European Commission.This enables LightnTec to complete the innovation, to scale manufacturing and to push marketing. This decision of the EU is a clear proof pointofthe exceptional technology and team of LightnTec for the investors, High-Tech Gründerfonds ( from Bonn and BORN2GROW-Seedfonds ( from Heilbronn.“, states Günter Steffen, President of the advisory board of LightnTec.

About LightnTec:

By means of our sensor controlled, intelligent, flexible, rollable, cutable, thin and ultralight LED foils we unleash the power of a seamless integretion of your advertisement, Avsolution, lighting concept and room design in real time –„AILight2.0“.  We digitalize spaces to actively guide, inform and entertain by knowing the customers and visitor behaviours. We do it on ceilings, walls, floors, around pillars and on facades, indoor and outdoor. AnySize. AnyPlace. AnyShape. Sensing.
LightnTec was founded 2016 and has its head offices in Karlsruhe / Germany.


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