Swiss-based Art-Tech Artmyn: $4 million fundraising round – Invaluable as a co-lead investor

Artmyn announced at LinkedIn:

“Proud to announce Invaluable as a co-lead investor in the Artmyn $4 million fundraising round. Excited to work with their innovative and passionate team, and change the way art is experienced online.”

Artmyn revolutionises the way Fine Art can be displayed, promoted and experienced on screen. Winner of the EPFL & Google “Focused Research Award” (2012-2014), Artmyn provides a disruptive solution for highly accurate digitization of visual artworks, with interactive rendering on mobile devices and accessible via a simple web browser. A unique portable scanner captures gigabytes of data describing the artwork in its finest details, which, along with proprietary web technologies, result in a true-to-life visualisation. This complete new experience allows users to embark on an emotional journey where digital replicas can be explored just as if the originals were in their very own hands. Artmyn technology is touchscreen responsive and has the unique capacity to combine the following features: • 3D Visualisation & Topography of planar artworks • Unprecedented HD Resolution • Virtual Relighting – the capacity to relight the digital replica in real time from any angle and direction

Image © ARTMYN


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