Upvest raises €7M from Notion, Holtzbrinck and Partech for its fintech-ready blockchain API

By Martin Kassing, December 12, 2019



The next generation of finance faces growth limitations using traditional banking rails. This is particularly the case for the €10 trillion alternative investment market of high-performing assets such as private equity and real estate.

As of now, fintechs are forced to ask for high minimum investments, due to high issuance, distribution and storage costs. This prevents investment platforms from offering this great asset class to the masses.



The only way to make these kinds of investments available to everyone is by upgrading fintechs with a new financial infrastructure. Upvest offers fintech-ready APIs making it easy for any company to store financial assets on the blockchain.

Fintechs can now empower its users to own and control their financial assets anytime digitally.

At the same time, users can invest as little as €1 without even being aware that the investment is underpinned by blockchain technology. The result? Fintech companies save 85% of costs compared to traditional banking for the storage of alternative investments.

Patrick Norris (Notion): ‘We expect the Blockchain to be extremely disruptive to the financial services industry. Upvest’s blockchain agnostic platform for Asset Tokenization puts it in an extremely strong position to be the enterprise-grade platform of choice for the new generation of financial services companies.’

Jan Miczaika (Holtzbrinck Ventures): ‘We were impressed by Upvest’s drive to find a real-world and repeatable use case for the blockchain. It is one of the few companies in the space that has real revenues and a clear ROI for its customers’


Upvest is up and running, with leading investment platforms such as Exporo and Bitwala. Signups for its APIs are from over eighty countries. To date, €50 million in volume has been processed via its APIs.


Upvest was founded by Martin Kassing in 2018 and is based in Berlin, supported by a team of 20 FTEs. Led by a team of leaders with strong industry experience, including Tobias Auferoth (Finance), Sebastien Jeanquier (Security), and Enrico Mariotti (Engineering). Notion Capital, Partech Ventures and Holtzbrinck Ventures now support Upvest for further growth with a €7M investment round.

Martin Kassing, CEO & Founder

SOURCE & Image: https://upvest.co


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