KREATIZE takes over fabrikado

KREATIZE takes over fabrikado – German procurement platform for machinery and equipment manufacturers further expands market leadership through consolidation

●The takeover of competitor fabrikado marks a milestone on KREATIZE’s way to becoming the leading company for the digitalization of the machinery andequipment manufacturing industry
●The takeover allows KREATIZE to expand its offering in the field of on-demand manufacturing solutions providing immediate and unlimited access to machine capacity
●KREATIZE is backed by renowned investors such as Earlybird and Atlantic Labsas well as Gisbert Rühl (CEO Klöckner) and has raised €9 million so far

Berlin, February 3, 2020​ – KREATIZE, the leading German procurement platform for machinery and equipment manufacturers, announces the takeover of fabrikado. The platform company fabrikado offers through its online shop and network of specialised suppliers various manufacturing processes for customised metal and plastic components starting at batch size

1.KREATIZE matches supply and demand in the machinery and equipment market – with avolume of around €700 billion one of the largest and at the same time one of the most fragmented B2B markets in Europe. The company helps manufacturing partners increase their capacity utilization and offers customers instant access to on-demand manufacturing solutionswith unlimited manufacturing capacity at attractive prices and extremely short lead times – awin-win situation for all market participants. The takeover of fabrikado further drivesKREATIZE’s expansion and allows to extend its offering of laser cutting and 3D printing processes. An integral part of fabrikado is an online shop with instant price generation, whichbenefits both customers and suppliers.

KREATIZE’s customers include many German hidden champions and leading medium-sized companies in the fields of robotics and automation, 3Dprinting, electro mobility, micro-mobility.
“With our technology, we want to build and shape a new chapter for technology and machines‘ Made in Europe’ by connecting small and medium-sized companies to increase theircompetitiveness and allowing our European hidden champions and technology leaders to thriveeven more. The takeover of fabrikado marks a milestone towards this ambition”, says Simon Tüchelmann, founder and CEO of KREATIZE.

“With fabrikado we were able to write a tremendous success story over the past years. Thetakeover by KREATIZE is the logical step towards building the global leading procurement platform for machinery and equipment manufacturing out of Germany.”, emphasizes ThomasHoffmeister, founder and CEO of fabrikado and future CCO of KREATIZE.

KREATIZE increased its turnover last year by more than 100 percent. At the same time, thecompany increased the degree of automation of its entire back-end operations tenfold through apatent-protected process. KREATIZE is backed by leading venture capitalists such as Earlybird and Atlantic Labs, as well as by Gisbert Rühl, CEO of Europe’s largest steel distributor Klöckner, and has so far been able to raise €9 million.

“Digital B2B platforms are an enormous growth opportunity and KREATIZE is one of the most exciting companies globally in this growing field. The takeover of fabrikado makes the platformeven more attractive for both customers and suppliers,” says investor Gisbert Rühl.

How KREATIZE works
With locations in Berlin, Wroclaw, Balingen, and Tübingen, KREATIZE unites the best of bothworlds – industrial know-how in the south and tech expertise in Berlin and Wroclaw. Via the KREATIZE platform, machinery and equipment companies and manufacturing partners caneasily handle the entire process from ordering to delivery of industrial components. “We offer machinery and equipment companies a real added value by automating the entire procurement process and, hereby, accelerating it substantially”, explains Tüchelmann. Customers canrequest an offer with just a few clicks, order components and have full transparency about their order. Manufacturing partners benefit from higher capacity utilization and better market access.

KREATIZE is the leading German procurement platform for the machinery and equipmentindustry. The company was founded in Tübingen in 2015 by Daniel A. Garcia Rodriguez (CTO)and Simon Tüchelmann (CEO).

About fabrikado
fabrikado is a platform for metal and plastic components and offers various manufacturingprocesses starting from batch size 1 through its online shop with instant price calculation. The company was founded in 2016 by Thomas Hoffmeister, Patrick Genkinger and Marc Eberhart. The investors of fabrikado include SCHÄFER WERKE.

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Bild: Die KREATIZE Gründer Simon Tüchelmann (links) und Daniel A. Garcia Rodriguez (rechts) zusammen mit Thomas Hoffmeister (mitte), zukünftiger CCO von KREATIZE ©  KREATIZE

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