FinTech Receeve Raises €4m Seed Financing

Paul Jozefak, CEO at Receeve announced via LinkedIn

“As has now been disclosed, we have announced our Seed financing round. We closed a €4m round to grow Receeve into a leader in the collections segment, driving resolutive dialogue between our clients and their customers. Personalized, adaptive and evolving communication strategies can now drive customer satisfaction and our client’s cash conversion cycles.

Leading the round was Mangrove Capital and more specifically, Hans-Juergen Schmitz as the responsible partner. He and I worked together years ago as colleagues in the board of a joint investment we both had here in Hamburg. I found Hans-Juergen to be a great combination of super analytical mind with keen insight into business strategy. It’s my pleasure to have him along for the ride. Most people know that Mangrove was one of the first institutional investors in Skype but they also have homeruns in their portfolio with companies such as Wix and WalkMe. I look forward to this journey together with them as partners and advisors.

Co-investing with Mangrove is Speedinvest and driving the investment on their end is Stefan Klestil. I have not worked with Stefan in the past but it has been a pleasure getting to know him and not much has to be said about his current success stories. His name keeps popping up in connection with success stories such as N26, Payworks, WeFox, Curve, and Tide. These are all recent investments he has been involved with. Together with Tom Lesche, Stefan got to know us and we are excited about convincing him and Speedinvest to come on board.

With our new investors Mangrove and Speedinvest, alongside our pre-seed round investors Seedcamp and angels such as Matthias Kroener we look forward to disrupting this industry which is ripe for innovative technology approaches.


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Attenio: 1.1 Mio. € Seed-Finanzierung
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