AI Startup Mostly AI raised $5 million in Series A financing round

“I’m thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $5 million in our Series A financing round. It’s fantastic to see synthetic data being recognized as THE way forward for big data privacy, and this funding is further testimony to the on-going momentum as well as
Mostly AI‘s leadership position. Already today, our technology enables organizations across the world and across industries to safely share big data assets, internally as well as externally, while keeping the privacy of their customers fully protected. The additional funds will allow us to scale the business further, and to continue our investments in the best possible product as well as the best possible team. We are grateful for serving the most forward-thinking companies, for working with highly motivated people, for collaborating with brilliant partners and for being backed by the best possible investors. It’s thus a great pleasure to welcome Earlybird Venture Capital to the growing Mostly AI family, joining our existing investors 42CAP and PUSH Ventures (PV) supporting us towards a truly privacy-respecting big data economy. And yes, also your organization will benefit from faster, broader, yet safer sharing of otherwise locked up data assets. So, come and join the synthetic data revolution today!”


Image: Team Mostly AI @ Mostly AI announced

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