Blockchain: Zurich-based Startup Certifaction secures CHF 1.1 million – Wingman Ventures, Seedcamp and Angel Invest Ventures invest

Certifaction secures CHF 1.1 million

Wingman Ventures, Seedcamp and Angel Invest Ventures invest in Certifaction to bring back trust in the digital world.

Zurich, June 30, 2020


Certifaction is out to address the massive problem of document and signature forgery and bring back trust in the digital world by creating instantly verifiable information on the blockchain while optimizing processes and customer experience.

To help with that mission, Certifaction has raised its first round of financing. The round is led by the leading Swiss seed fund Wingman Ventures with participation from London-based Seedcamp and Berlin-based Angel Invest Ventures. The new capital will be used to expand marketing and sales activities.

“We are delighted to welcome Wingman Ventures, Seedcamp and Angel Invest Ventures on board  as we look to accelerate our growth. The capital, knowledge and network our investors bring to Certifaction enables us to do that. In the COVID-19 context, a growing portion of workflows are sure to become digital and we are quite well positioned to support companies with such endeavours”.
-Benoit Henry, Co-Founder and CEO Certifaction

Document and signature forgery is a massive problem. While it is very easy to manipulate documents, forge a signature or buy fake credentials online, verifying the authenticity of any piece of information is quite cumbersome and time-consuming.

This fraud problem is widespread all over the world and across most industries. In the US for instance, prescription fraud enables people to get access to prescription medicines without medical justification, resulting in billions of dollars in wasted medical costs and millions of lives endangered. In the academic world, it is estimated that worldwide, close to 30% of senior executives present qualifications they do not hold.

From credit reports and academic credentials to medical documents and financial prospectuses, Certifaction arms organisations with an easy-to-setup SaaS solution which can sign millions of documents with its innovative cryptography-based technology.

“We’re excited to lead the round for Certifaction. We have been impressed by what the experienced founder team has accomplished in such a short period of time and we look forward to supporting their vision to provide the global backbone for document verification and help companies in a multitude of industries in streamlining their business processes.”
– Alex Stöckl, Wingman Ventures and member of board of directors Certifactiom

Certifaction introduces a new paradigm for certifying documents. Compared to other e-signing solutions, the signing process happens locally and no sensitive or confidential information is uploaded to the cloud. Anyone holding a Certifaction-secured document can verify its authenticity and integrity instantly.

Certifaction is run by a strong leadership team with complementary skills ranging from blockchain and SaaS product development to start-up scaling and successful exits.

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Image: Team Certifaction © Certifaction

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