Software Startup Prisma Raises $12M Series A led by Amplify Partners

Prisma Raises $12M Series A to Build the Next Generation of Database Tools

Prisma announced:


Søren Bramer Schmidt

“With Prisma 2.0 ready for production, we are excited to continue pursuing our mission of building the next generation of database tools for application developers. In this post, we’ll share details about the funding and what it means for our community.

At Prisma, our goal is to revolutionize how application developers work with databases. Considering the vast number of different databases and variety of tools for working with them, this is an extremely ambitious goal!

We are thrilled to enter the next chapter of pursuing this goal with a $12M Series A funding round led by Amplify Partners. We are especially excited about this partnership as Amplify is an experienced investor in the developer tooling ecosystem and has led investments for numerous companies, such as Datadog, Fastly, and Gremlin.”

Further Information:

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