Cavalry closes an oversubscribed Cavalry II at €80M amidst COVID-19

Over 150 high-value LPs from six continents join to help portfolio companies succeed.

EIF and KfW Capital as institutional anchor investors convinced of atypical setup.

Cavalry, the frontrunner fund in building active LP communities, announces today the Closing of its second fund. With €80M, Cavalry’s second fund is more than 3.5x the size of its maiden fund. The increased volume provides more opportunity to continue supporting portfolio companies with follow-on financing. This is especially relevant as Cavalry leads more than 80% of its portfolio companies from angel/seed phase to a successful Series A, which is 4x European industry average. “Having Cavalry as an investor is like having access to a large pool of prolific angel investors. The magic happens when our platform begins to work in the background.“, explains Rouven Dresselhaus, Managing Partner at Cavalry and adds: “Both entrepreneurs and partnering investors alike enjoy the benefits of our unique offering.”Cavalry builds upon a strategically curated LP network that conceivably resembles the largest, most international and most active founder / LP community of all early-stage funds in the DACH region. Covering all mission-critical segments such as HR, sales, PR, fundraising, legal, internationalization, etc., the Cavalry*wo*men are ready to climb their horses whenever founders call in the Cavalry. As for the fund’s 14 people core team Stefan Walter, Managing Partner at Cavalry says: “Our mantra has always been ’what’s best for the startup?’. If that is staying on the sidelines and letting you as a founder do your job, that’s what we’re going to do. But if you request our support, you can count on us to be there – any time of the day.”

Typically, Cavalry invests alongside angels, both external and from within its network. Among the six dozen international angels who form part of the inner circle at Cavalry are people such as Nalden (WeTransfer), Martin Henk (Pipedrive), Dr. Philipp Kreibohm (SB21, home24), Nico Rosberg (Sustainability Entrepreneur and F1 World Champion), Viktoriya Tigipko (TA Ventures), Myke Naef (, Doodle), Emmanuel Thomassin (Delivery Hero), Gero Decker (Signavio), Joshua Cornelius & Mehmet Yilmaz (Freeletics), Tobias Balling (Blinkist) Felix Jahn (Rocket Internet, McMakler) as well as General Partners of leading Series A+ funds in Europe and the USA.

What it means for Cavalry to have a huge and robust network becomes clear when one looks at the idea of six degrees of separation. “Whenever I ask Cavalry for an important introduction, those guys are either directly connected or by a maximum of three degrees” outlines Michael Grupp, CEO of Cavalry’s company BRYTER, “And they make those intros work!”

Cavalry II is the partnership’s first vintage with institutional funds. “When EIF first entered Cavalry’s Saloon in 2016, we saw an unproven strategy, a lot of unusual suspects such as Entrepreneurial Partners and an immense number of high-value LPs and Angels to deal with” remembers Carsten Just, Head of the ERP-EIF Facility at EIF. “Looking at the results that Cavalry delivered though, we got convinced to become an anchor in Cavalry II in order to scale-up the activity and support innovative SMEs across Germany and beyond.”

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Image: Team Cavalry © Cavalry Ventures

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