eHealth: Creandum – together with Highland Europe – backs Meditopia: $15m Series A round

Creandum announced:

“Bringing mindfulness across the world — Creandum backs Meditopia.

The past era of consumer internet provided users with an endless ability to connect with others with social media at the core of this. These platforms create immense value for its users, but as 3.8B people seek social validation from each other we create a very externally focused life centered around comparison to others which can be very destructive. As much as this is the fault of technology, we firmly believe the same can offer a remedy. A new breed of consumer internet companies are right now being created which rather than looking outside towards others help users focus on themselves to understand their own mind, find inner peace, and discover the true nature of their own consciousness.

Meet Meditopia.

Today 14M users users across 75 countries use Meditopia to access culturally localized relaxation practices using meditation and breathing exercises, multi-day mindfulness challenges, sleep stories, and much more. Compared to other mindfulness products, Meditopia offers a deeper experience around personal transformation, which caters to users who want to explore what’s beyond entry-level relaxation, and Meditopia is already the number one mindfulness product in markets like Brazil, Turkey, Japan, Russia, Latam, and more.

It’s been an incredible privilege to follow the Meditopia team for the past two years and it’s fair to say that this is one of the most capital-efficient run companies we’ve ever seen. In today’s uncertain economy, seeing founders who understand and manage their unit economics to the depth this team does, while also enjoying hockey stick growth, is true bliss. Furthermore, every time we’ve interacted with Fatih, Berk, and Ali they have over-delivered against what they promised which further strengthens our excitement for the team.

Hence, we couldn’t be more excited today to announce that together with our friends from Highland Europe, Creandum is leading Meditopia’s $15m Series A round. Training your mind is becoming as essential as training your physical body, and we believe Meditopia will be one of the most important products in the world in making that happen.”


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