FinTech – Vienna-based Crypto-Currency /DeFi Startup Morpher: Tim Draper invested together with APEX Ventures a total of USD 2.5 million


Vienna, Austria, August 2020: Trading is the world’s biggest industry, yet it remains costly, unfair, and exclusionary. Traders and investors have to rely on banks, brokers, exchanges, and find counterparties willing to trade with them. These middlemen create frictions, charge fees, and add little value. When combined with regulatory limitations, they make access to financial markets much more difficult for would-be traders and investors.
Morpher is a DeFi (decentralized finance) platform that aims to put end to these limitations. Morpher developed a protocol built on Ethereum that replaces brokers, exchanges, and counterparties. Instead of outright buying the stock, commodity, or currency, users bet on the price-action of the underlying markets with Morpher’s own cryptocurrency MPH.
Via smart contracts on Ethereum MPH tokens can be staked against a price feed oracle. As the price of the underlying asset changes MPH tokens are minted or burned proportionally. E.g. 100 MPH staked on the Apple stock become 110 MPH if Apple gains 10%, or 90 MPH if Apple loses 10%.
Users get to enjoy the same fractionality they know from cryptocurrency, but in traditional assets like stocks. Perfectly balanced portfolios can be built regardless of the amount invested. Morpher’s users can also short sell any of the 600+ currently supported markets, trade 24/7, use leverage, and enjoy infinite liquidity – all without fees or commissions.

Morpher’s vision of premission-less trading attracted the attention of investors like Tim Draper, who invested together with the Austrian deep-tech fund APEX Ventures a total of USD 2.5 million in the company. “Free markets are awesome, and liquidity creates wealth,” Tim Draper explains. “Morpher is creating infinite wealth.”

With 50,000 already registered users on its waitlist Morpher will open its doors on August 31st, 2020. MPH will become available on exchanges at the end of Q3 2020.

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