Artificial Intelligence: FTTF is financing innovative startup XPOLI

FTTF is backing a cutting-edge technology helping retailers to gain more customers and increase profits

As pre-seed investor which focuses on supporting Fraunhofer spin-offs, FTTF, is financing innovative startup XPOLI.

XPOLI developed an affordable artificial intelligence (AI) technology promising to help a large variety of retail stores identify the behaviours and preferences of customers in order to improve, amongst others, marketing and placing of products. The pandemic has increased even further the competition retail shops face from online commerce. While, online enterprises know exactly the shopping of each individual retailers are lacking such information. EU Data protection legislation makes the effort of retailers to acquire data about customers’ interests virtually impossible.

XPOLI’s AI tracking software solutions will identify anonymously the shopping patterns of each retailer’s customers and provide the retail enterprise with tailored data packages improving substantially their daily and long term operations. Thanks to XPOLI’s software solutions the stores using it will generate higher profits and increase their clientele through a better knowledge of their customers’ patterns.
Statement by FTTF Thong Le Hoang, Investment Manager at FTTF said: “E-commerce retailers have known their customers very well for some
time now. We are excited to support a company that helps traditional retailers in their digital transition and thus enhance
their services.

“Covid-19 has further highlighted retailers’ need to obtain real time data about customer shopping patterns. For example, the hoarding at the beginning of the crisis left a lot of shelves empty for long periods, and XPOLI’s technology could have helped to prevent that.”

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Image: Thomas Pellkofer und Stefan Zeh – Gründer und Hauptanteilseigner


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