Medizinisches Cannabis / Medical Cannabis: Signature Products raised an investment with a company valuation of over 5 Mio €

Florian Pichlmaier, Founder of Signature Products announced via LinkedIn:

“One year after founding our company Signature Products, I am thrilled to announce that we raised an investment with a company valuation of over 5 Mio €. I am glad that we have the support and power of a big investment family office which supports us to scale internationally.

We started as a two-men-firm which wants to sell CBD oils with a brand called BUDDY. 12-months later, signature products trades hemp, extract and distillate it, bottle it for our brand, do market research and lab analysis but also offer all our services for every other hemp company. All these services are handled fully in Germany so that we are proud to say that we are the only company that fulfills the whole hemp process and services with a „Made in Germany“ brand. We do all this to reach our long-term goal and the same time our vision: to enable everyone high-quality hemp products for good prices and therefore improving healthcare with a major impact.

I am thankful for the great team we have. Without them, it would have been impossible to push our vision forward so strongly. Daily hard work and faith in something so great have brought us to where we are today. I am looking forward to the next big steps we will go! ”


Image: CEO | Co-Founder Signature Products Florian Pichlmaier (c) Signature Products

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