AI / SleepTech: Berlin-Based Endel closed its Series A fundraising round with participation from SleepScore Ventures, Techstars Ventures, Impulse VС, Plus 8 Equity Partners, Waverley Capital, Amazon Alexa Fund, Target Global

AI Startup Endel Invents Futuristic ‘Sound Environments’ That Reduce Stress, Improve Sleep and Boost Productivity
Investment From Leading Venture Capital Firm True Ventures Fuels Endel’s Expansion of Their Neuroscience-backed Technology Endel Pacific
Endel, creator of personalized sound environments, closed its Series A fundraising round. Endel’s futuristic personalized sound environments are designed to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost productivity. Usually, functional audio experiences like focus/study/sleep playlists are fragmented and non-adaptive. Endel uses health data, habits, activity and more to generate adaptive sound envi-ronments that follow a user from their phone, to their desktop, to their home and even to rest, all the while creating a custom experience that promotes focus, good sleep, mindfulness and relaxation.

Endel’s core technology Endel Pacific generates personalized environments by processing various personal metrics such as heart rate, motion, weather and time of day. Rooted in neuroscience, the technology is validated by the Experience Sampling Method by esteemed scholar Mihaly Csiksz-entmihalyi (Professor of Psychology and Management at Claremont Graduate University, author of the best-selling book Flow) and showed 6,3 times concentration increase and 3,6 decrease of anxiety. Endel recently partnered with leading sleep experts from SleepScore Labs to improve and validate its ‘Sleep Mode.’This financing round is led by wellness and mindfulness app enthusiast and venture capital in-vestor Kevin Rose of True Ventures, a Silicon Valley venture capital firm with a strong history of successful investments in wellness companies and sensor-driven technologies. Investment from True Ventures will enable Endel to accelerate the integration of its technology, Endel Pacific, into various platforms in mobility, consumer electronics, hospitality, workspaces, and other indus-tries.

The financing round includes participation from SleepScore Ventures, Techstars Ventures, Impulse VС, Plus 8 Equity Partners, Waverley Capital, Amazon Alexa Fund, Target Global and several prominent angel investors. “It’s our mission to make technology-enabled wellness and mindfulness an integral part of daily life,” said Oleg Stavitsky, CEO and co-founder of Endel “Our bodies and minds are clearly not evolving fast enough to cope with the demands of the new world we live in, and Endel is here to solve this. “Since Endel’s inception in 2018, close to 2 million users have joined the company’s ecosystem of consumer-facing products, helping Endel gain traction and land the accolade of App of the Day in the App Store in 138 countries in addition to being named one of the Best Apps of 2019 by Google. “Endel enables a sound environment to adapt to your real-time physiology – it’s a truly novel idea,” said True Ventures Partner Kevin Rose. Rose is a serial entrepreneur and now investor with a passion for innovative wellness apps. “Oleg is a creative visionary, and we’re thrilled to support him as he pursues this ambitious vision and builds the business,” said Rose. Endel became the first algorithm to sign a distribution deal with a major music label, Warner’s Arts Music division. The company was the first to engineer a technology that generates real-time cus-tom stress-reducing sounds on your wrist via its Apple Watch launch. Endel has entered a part-nership with Japan’s biggest airlines, ANA Airlines, to feature its technology in planes to enhance the comfort of passengers. “We’re working on empathic technology that will make people’s lives better in a meaningful way,”said Stavitsky “Spiritual evolution through technology is a big and ambitious goal, and we see True Ventures as an amazing long-term partner on that journey.”

About Endel
Founded by a collective of imaginative creatives and artists, Endel is democratizing wellness by making AI-powered wellness and mindfulness accessible to all. The company’s core technology Endel Pacific creates personalized, adaptive sound environments to reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost productivity — all backed by neuroscience and the science of the circadian rhythm. The technology is designed for integrations into various industries and external platforms. Endel spans apps across iOS, Apple Watch, macOS, Amazon Alexa, and Android with close to 2 million downloads.
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About True Ventures

Founded in 2005, True Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm that invests in early stage technology startups. With more than $2 billion under management, True provides seed and Series A financing to entrepreneurs in today’s fastest growing markets. To date, True has helped more than 300 companies launch and scale their businesses, creating over 20,000 jobs worldwide. To learn more, visit

Image: Team Endel (c) Endel

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