FinTech Startup: Berlin-based Financial platform Remagine secures EUR 20 million in seed investment to finance founders ready to build a better future

Financial platform Remagine secures EUR 20 million in seed investment to finance founders ready to build a better future


  • The startup will rollout business accounts in the coming months and already offers founder-friendly funding options to founders in Germany, with plans to expand to other European markets
  • Champions of revenue-based financing, Remagine has already completed over 20 financings, while in stealth mode
  • Berlin-based Remagine will use the funding to grow its team and client base as well as invest further in its technology development


BERLIN, January 2021 – Remagine, the founder-friendly finance platform for businesses ready to imagine a better future, today announces that it has secured EUR 20 million in Seed investment. The funds will be used to accelerate its product development and expand its team, to create a financial platform that supports and rewards businesses for being more impactful. The Berlin-based fintech has already provided over 20 revenue-based financings to startups, while operating in stealth mode. Among the diverse investor portfolio are renowned international fintech business angels such as former Global Head of Google Payment Jonathan Weiner and former COO of Venmo Michael Vaughan.


Remagine was founded by Julia M. Profeta Johansson and Sebastian Dienst, both serial founders and impact investing experts. Guided by the belief that every business can be more sustainable and impactful without compromising growth, Remagine provides a financial platform tailored to founders, which helps them to accelerate their positive social and environmental impact. It also eases the transition to a more responsible and sustainable world through its own operations – for example, Remagine has committed to a number of impact-driven initiatives, per account opening, financing and card transactions made. Additionally, the startup has pledged to contribute 10% of its profits to impact causes.


“We believe capital and technology can be forces for good. When used together, they can be powerful tools that help shape the future. The challenge now is to shape it in a way that aligns people and planet with profit,” said Sebastian Dienst, co-founder and co-CEO. “We believe that every business – big and small – can be more sustainable and impactful. Remagine has been created to help them achieve this.”


Julia Profeta Johansson, co-founder and co-CEO, added, “Having already provided financing to numerous companies, the funds raised will allow us to support many more startups towards more impact. With the upcoming launch of our accounts and cards, we’re excited to continue to grow the team, invest further in our products, and help create a world where money and business are forces for good.”


Jonathan Weiner, former Head of Google Payment and investor commented, “Sustainability and impact have become increasingly relevant for businesses over the past decade and today, research shows that nearly four-fifths of CEOs are planning to align their business strategy with social and environmental goals. While startups continue to disrupt new verticals practically daily, we’re really starting to understand how the technologies they introduce have the power to guide us in a better direction. Remagine’s mission and business model enables founders to consider both their bottom line and their impact. This is the future of financing and we’re delighted to be a part of it.”


Best-in-class product and services tailored to the unique needs of the shapers of a better tomorrow


Remagine’s tailored products will provide best-in-class services that truly serve the needs of its customers, such as:

  • Team cards – Unlimited separate cards for team members to improve expense management
  • Multi-IBAN – Split payments across IBANs for more precise accounting
  • Analytics – Omni-channel dashboard that integrates all accounts
  • Zero negative interest – No negative interest rates are applied to any deposit amount
  • Free accounts – Companies that have impact at the core of their strategy will be able to apply for a free account


Revenue-based finance for impactful leaders


Remagine is a pioneer of revenue-based finance in Europe. A more founder-friendly form of financing than equity or traditional debt products, revenue-based finance allows founders to quickly secure funding while keeping full control of their business. The financing is available to digital businesses with more attractive terms planned for companies that score highly on Remagine’s proprietary impact assessment scale.



About Remagine

Founded by Sebastian Dienst and Julia Profeta Johansson, Berlin based Remagine is the founder-friendly finance platform for businesses ready to imagine a better future. Alongside an innovative platform that empowers business through accounts, team cards, analytics and payment solutions, it is a pioneer of revenue-based finance in Europe, providing financial products tailored for founders and startups. Remagine supports founders with EUR25k – 1m in funding, without taking equity, board seats, personal guarantees or warrants. The fintech thereby enables its clients to stay in control of their business and to focus on what matters most to them: building a great company. Visit us on our homepage to find out more.


Remagine is backed by some of the most renowned fintech angel investors such as former Global Head of Google Payment Jonathan Weiner and former COO of Venmo Michael Vaughn and has already provided financing to over 20 companies while still in stealth mode.

Image: Remagine Founders Sebastian Dienst and Julia Profeta Johansson (c) Remagine

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