3D Printing / Artificial Intelligence: A.I. Engineering Pioneer Hyperganic Raises $7.8m in First VC Round, HV Capital and VSquared Ventures are leading the investment round

A.I. Engineering Pioneer Hyperganic Raises $7.8m in First VC Round

• Hyperganic’s mission is to radically accelerate innovation in design and engineering of physical products through the company’s A.I. software platform.
• The round is led by German investors HV Capital (Zalando, Flixbus) and VSquared Ventures (Isar Aerospace, IQM), and joined by US-based Converge as well as Swarovski and Hermann Hauser Investments.
• With development of Hyperganic’s foundational technology complete, the company will now focus on accelerating global platform adoption.

Munich, February 17th, 2021: Hyperganic today announced the closing of $7.8m in funding to significantly expand the team and drive the global rollout of Hyperganic Core, the company’s software platform. German funds HV Capital and VSquared Ventures are leading this first VC investment round for Hyperganic. Co-investors are US-based Converge, industrial partner Swarovski and PC pioneer Hermann Hauser, co-founder of ARM.
Hyperganic was started in 2017 to radically accelerate innovation in design, engineering and production of physical objects. The company drives a paradigm shift, where complex products are created by computer algorithms and Artificial Intelligence. The resulting objects are traded digitally and manufactured in digital factories based on industrial 3D printing.

Lin Kayser, co-founder and CEO: “Humanity’s biggest challenges can only be solved through a giant leap in technology. We’ve created Hyperganic to fundamentally change how we design and build the things around us. Now we are ready to shift gears. We are happy to have the support of such a diverse team of investors on this exciting journey.”

Fabian Gruner, HV Capital: “Hyperganic rings in a paradigm change in product design and manufacturing more profound than what we can even conceive today. As VCs, we are always looking for founders and companies who can really ‘change the world’ — and Lin and his team are going to do exactly that.”

Herbert Mangesius, VSquared Ventures: “Lin has the skill to forge purpose-driven teams bringing together people from very diverse backgrounds. Hyperganic shapes meaningful progress in society through technology. This is in perfect alignment with our mission at Vsquared. We are excited to be part of this entrepreneurial journey. Hyperganic brings fundamentally new capabilities to one of the largest markets on Earth — the field of manufacturing.”

Existing customers in Europe, the US, China and South East Asia use the Hyperganic Core platform for a broad variety of applications, including aerospace, consumer goods, and medical products. The technology can fundamentally be applied to any field of engineering.

Hyperganic was previously funded by the founders, early employees and a select group of angels and investors, which include serial entrepreneur Marc Gumpinger, Chris Hitchen’s Inventures and Acecap, the fund of Microsoft Veterans Hank Virgil and Marc Jalabert.

Hermann Hauser: “Hyperganic is doing for physical objects and machines what I did with ARM for the smartphone industry.”

Nilanjana Bhowmik, Converge: “From empowering design engineers to create hitherto unimaginable products to re-aligning supply chains with digital-physical products and on-demand production, Hyperganic’s bold vision can profoundly shape sustainable manufacturing. We are thrilled to join them in this exciting journey.”

Graham Hench, Director of Innovation, Swarovski: “We’re excited to see Lin and his team at Hyperganic bring a strong group of investors together to support a shared goal with Swarovski in accelerating sustainable manufacturing for a sustainable future. We’re looking forward to the journey ahead.”

About Hyperganic
Hyperganic radically redefines engineering with the goal to help solve humanity’s biggest challenges. The company’s software platform creates parts, structures and entire machines through Artificial Intelligence, and enables mass production in digital factories using industrial 3D printing. The resulting products are more advanced, efficient and sustainable than traditionally engineered objects.
Hyperganic is working with leading companies in the U.S., Europe, Southeast Asia and China in fields as diverse as consumer goods, medical applications and aerospace.
The company was incorporated in 2017 in Munich, Germany by serial entrepreneur Lin Kayser and Cofounders Michael Gallo and Duy-Anh Pham.

About HVCapital
Since 2000 HV Capital, formerly HV Holtzbrinck Ventures, has invested in internet and technology companies through various generations of funds and is one of the most successful and financially strongest early-stage and growth investors in Europe. HV Capital has already invested in around 200 companies, including Zalando, Delivery Hero, FlixMobility and SumUp. The total of all HV Funds amounts to €1.7 billion. The company supports startups with capital between €500,000 and €50 million. This makes HV Capital one of the few venture capitalists in Europe that can finance startups through all growth phases.

About VSquared Ventures
Vsquared Ventures is a VC firm based in Munich. Backed by leading European technology entrepreneurs and family offices, Vsquared Ventures embraces technology to advance society. Past founding investments include Isar Aerospace and IQM Quantum Computers among others.

About Lin Kayser
Hyperganic CEO Lin Kayser’s entrepreneurial journey stretches back three decades. In the early 1990s he joined industrial-tech startup ARADEX to disrupt the field of high-performance industrial machine control systems with PC technology.
In 2000, Kayser and Hyperganic CTO Michael Gallo created IRIDAS, which led the digital transformation of the global film industry. Kayser and Gallo provided the software that powered the first digital cinema in the world for the postproduction of The Matrix movies. The company quickly became the industry standard for GPU-based imaging processing. IRIDAS was acquired by Adobe in 2011.
Kayser is an active mentor and board member in the Munich startup scene with a focus on radical innovation, sustainability and diversity. He is early supporter and advisor for Isar Aerospace, a German orbital launch company, and VoltStorage, a company providing battery storage solutions for renewable energy.

Image: Lin Kayser © Hyperganic Group

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