Software: Berlin-based Softr closed a $2.2m seed round led by Atlantic Labs

Softr announced via LinkedIn:
Today we are super excited to announce that we closed a $2.2m seed round led by amazing Atlantic Labs(Christophe Maire, Marc-Olivier Luecke, Lukas Erbguth), along with incredible Discovery Ventures (Stefan Jeschonnek & Jan Deepen), SCNE Amplifier (Scott Chacon & Wladimir Miroschnikow), Philipp Moehring, Florian Meissner, Ramzi Rizk and Torben Schulz.

Huge thanks to our fantastic team and incredible supporters for your hard work, support and trust!

Softr was founded with the purpose of democratizing software building and making it more inclusive. Our no-code platform helps anyone build powerful web-apps from Airtable, in just 10 minutes. We believe in today’s world, software building should be part of everyone’s skillset. Anyone can now become a tech founder & start a business, with no coding skills. ”


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