eCommerce: Razor Group acquires Die Höhle der Löwen success story HappyPo

Happy Po Acquisition
Razor Group acquires Die Höhle des Löwen success story
HappyPo former Die Höhle der Löwen (shark tank equivalent in Germany) contestant is the leading provider for mobile bidet, made in Germany. Its is a great example for how a single product that has captivated thousands of customers can be sufficient to build a rapidly growing, profitable business. The toilet shower for at home and on the go is designed to replace toilet paper and therefore more gentle for skin and better for the environment.
The idea for HappyPo came to Oliver’s mind when he was traveling through Japan and France. Especially in these countries, bidets are a natural part of every bathroom. The usage is more hygienic, more environmentally friendly and less expensive than conventional toilet paper. Experiencing this convenience abroad, Oliver missed it when he returned to Germany. At that time he was living in a rented apartment and the cost for the installation of a bidet were too high he started looking for alternatives and couldn’t find what he was looking for. Together with Frank they designed their first prototype. In 2017 they were part of the show Die Höhle der Löwen which helped the company to kickstart their success. Over the last couple of years Oliver and Frank have built HappyPo into an incredible success story.
Razor Group plans to innovate and expand this fast-growing demand by making the product worldwide accessible, as well as growing the product portfolio, expand into new geographies and launch further distribution channels.

The very special thing about this deal is that one of the founders, Oliver Elsoud, as well as their key employee are joining the Razor Family as ongoing Brand Managers to support with the expansion of HappyPo.
“Within a couple of years, HappyPo has risen to be the winner in its category in Europe, but more recently also in the US. We are incredibly excited about the opportunity to partner with Oliver and his team to bring the company to the next level.”, says Razor’s Co-founder & VP Acquisition Christopher Felix Gamon.

By bringing HappyPo into the brand portfolio of Razor, we are able to expose HappyPo to the extensive e-commerce and brand building knowledge to help become a true global player.

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