Carbon Reduction Software Startup Plan A announces $3M funding round with investments from Demeter, SoftBank and coparion

PlanA announced via LinkedIn:

“It is our great pleasure to announce our $3M funding round, with investments from Demeter, SoftBank and coparion, who will help us grow the company’s impact and make Plan A the first choice software for carbon management and ESG reporting.

Since our creation in 2017, we are continuing to follow in our vision to help make every business successful and sustainable. It has been an intense journey already, involving incredible businesses, everyday heroes, numerous workplaces, and of course deep emotions.

Our customers vary in size and industry, but all have in common the desire to innovate towards sustainability in an accessible and scalable way, and that is what Plan A provides. Now with greater means to achieve these ends. In other words, we plan on drastically accelerating the change we set out to create.

Because there is no plan B for our planet.”


Plan A has developed the first Carbon Reduction Software which helps businesses calculate, monitor, reduce and report on their carbon footprint. The Plan A technology uses over 300,000 data points to predict and prioritise the most critical environmental issues in each country and connect companies to the most impactful environmental projects.


Image: Plan A

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