SaaS / eCommerce / cCommerce Startup charles: 6,4M Seed Round with new investors Accel and HV Capital

charles announced via LinkedIn:

“We couldn´t be more proud to announce our new dream investors Accel and HV Capital in our 6,4M Seed Round!

Thank you Varun Purandare, Felix Klühr, David Stefan Fischer and Luca Bocchio for passionately working on this together and believing into our mission to humanise commerce by bringing it into chat

Luca Bocchio, Partner Accel: “Conversational commerce is emerging as a critical channel for brands. It’s a powerful trend that’s set to completely reshape the way brands interact with their customers, paving the way for potential new category-defining tools to emerge. Artjem and Andreas are ambitious, driven entrepreneurs who’ve identified a problem through their own deep commerce experience. They have a clear understanding of the product they need to build and a vision of what they want to be: the leading conversational commerce platform!”

David Stefan Fischer: “HV is known for shaping the German eCommerce landscape with early investments in Zalando and HelloFresh. We want to continue this path by investing in Charles, a true thought leader in Conversational Commerce with a disruptive product that clients and their customers love due to a 10x more personalized shopping experience compared to eCommerce.” ”

charles helps brands to pioneer Conversational Commerce by integrating shop systems, chat apps & bots in one intuitive design.


Image: Andreas Tussing, Founder and Co-CEO at charles (c) charles

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