FinTech Alpian secures USD 18 million Series B Funding

Zurich/Geneva/Lugano: 8 April 2021: The new digital financial services company Alpian SA (“Alpian”), incubated by the Swiss banking group REYL & Cie Ltd (“REYL”), today announced a successful Series B funding worth around USD18 million (CHF16.9 million). The fundraising follows the Series A round in 2020 in which CHF12.2 million was raised.

According to Alpian CEO Schuyler Weiss:
“Alpian takes a structured and careful approach to building and launching the bank. While the Series A fundraising was conducted to build the digital bank, the Series B fundraising is intended to be principally used to launch the bank in the Swiss market. This approach ensures that Alpian will be in a strong position to provide the best service to customers later this year subject to the issuance of a full banking licence by FINMA.”

With its integrated offering of both banking and investing inside a single convenient product experience,

Alpian is pursuing a market segment of mass affluent clients; individuals with anywhere from CHF100,000 to 1,000,000 to invest. According to research undertaken by Alpian, mass affluent clients are typically under-served by retail banks and lack access to private banking services. In Switzerland alone, the segment of potential mass affluent investors represents a CHF660 billion opportunity.

Through a combination of machine intelligence and human advisors, Alpian aims to create for each client a unique portfolio that is aligned to their personal preferences, beliefs, philosophies and goals. This hybrid model, which combines state of the art banking and investing infrastructure with qualified wealth management advisors, will enable mass affluent clients to access a service normally reserved for clients of private banks. Besides the core private banking offering, each account will come with a debit card and multi-currency account in four currencies to facilitate everyday banking needs. Alpian is also investing in the creation of educational content on financial matters through its recently launched i-vest platform.

REYL partner, Pasha Bakhtiar said:

“This exceptional milestone is a strong testament to the talent and execution capabilities of the Alpian management team and the innovative mindset championed by Reyl & Cie. We are particularly proud that this incubated idea has flourished into a blooming company and has attracted broad investor interest as well as support from our strategic partner ISP-Fideuram. We look forward to continuing along this path as Alpian seeks to obtain the necessary regulatory approvals to go-live later this year.”

About Alpian

Alpian is a Swiss financial technology company incubated by the private bank REYL & Cie and incorporated in October 2019. It will combine private banking and wealth management services with everyday banking to potential mass affluent investors. Alpian has applied for a full banking license to Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) and intends to launch its core product and services range in the course of 2021, subject to the issuance of a full banking licence by FINMA.

Ahead of its banking launch, Alpian created the education platform to inspire and encourage people about topics related to finance, investing and wealth. By demystifying wealth, i-vest aims to help anyone reach their personal financial goals. It is the first pragmatic step to build tools to guide wealth creation and enable the pursuit of “Wealth beyond money”.

About the REYL Group

Founded in 1973, the REYL Group is an independent diversified banking group with offices in Switzerland (Geneva, Zurich, Lugano), Europe (London, Luxembourg, Malta) and the rest of the world (Singapore, Dubai). The REYL Group manages assets in excess of CHF 13.5 billion and employs more than 220 professionals.

Developing an innovative approach to banking, the Group serves a clientele of international entrepreneurs and institutional investors through its Wealth Management, Entrepreneur & Family Office Services, Corporate Advisory & Structuring, Asset Services and Asset Management business lines.

REYL & Cie Ltd is licensed as a bank in Switzerland and performs its activities under the direct control of the independent Swiss Financial Market regulator (FINMA) and the Swiss National Bank (SNB). The REYL Group’s subsidiaries are also regulated by the LPCC in Switzerland, the FCA in the UK, the CSSF in Luxembourg, the MFSA in Malta, the MAS in Singapore, the DFSA in Dubai and the SEC in the United States.

Further Information:

Image: Alpian CEO Schuyler Weiss (c) Alpian

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