VC: Launch of Lightbird Ventures, a new early-stage VC firm backing Swiss & European tech entrepreneurs

Thomas Meier announced: “We are excited to announce the launch of Lightbird Ventures, a new early-stage VC firm backing Swiss & European tech entrepreneurs.

The tech scene in Europe is thriving. Over the last decade, it has seen unprecedented growth in capital inflow and the number of world-leading tech companies with multi-billion dollar valuations created in Europe is accelerating. Also, outstanding talent is more widely available than ever before. Even though most deals and exits still happen in the US, the European momentum is indisputable. We are extremely excited by the limitless possibilities Swiss & European entrepreneurs face and humbled to be able to support them on their journey with the team at Lightbird Ventures.

What we are looking for

With Lightbird Ventures,

  • we back technology entrepreneurs at one of the most intense periods of a company’s life — the early stage.
  • we invest in ambitious founding teams that use technology to solve real problems for real people and real businesses.
  • we are able to invest globally, yet the majority of our investments will be close to home. The Swiss and European ecosystems have grown tremendously in the last decade, and we expect the biggest success stories yet to come.
  • we have a particular focus on B2B SaaS, Fintech, Proptech, Cybersecurity and Data & Analytics but are keen to work with outstanding founding teams in other areas as well. Surprise us!
  • we are open to lead or co-invest and are strong believers in the power of complementary investor syndicates.
  • we are active partners to our entrepreneurs and relentless supporters on their path to fulfill their vision.

Who is behind Lightbird Ventures

Lightbird Ventures is a new Swiss-based VC firm managed through the independent investment management company Marcau Partners and fueled by its sole investor la Mobilière, Switzerland’s oldest private insurance company.

Our brand is another name for the phoenix, a mythical creature from Greek mythology. This bird burns in the fire and is reborn at sunrise. “Like a phoenix from the ashes” has made it a legend of proverbs, symbolizing resilience and grit to never give up and to always get back on one’s feet. The phoenix was also depicted in la Mobilière’s logo until 1998. Lightbird thus symbolizes both innovation and growth as well as founders’ daily lives of falling down, getting up and starting over again.

The only thing that remains constant is change

Change is a constant, but it takes catalyzers with a global impact to transform our entire lives along with our image of the world we want to live in. Working with the next generation of entrepreneurs who change the world for the better is beyond exciting. I am thankful for this opportunity, being supported by an awesome team and backed by la Mobilière.

And to all the Swiss & European founders out there building for change: we want to meet you! Reach out to us at”


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