Spotfolio provides all German tech firms on only one platform.

NEW: Research Institutes - With Spotfolio you present your Research Institute and reach out to interesting business partners!

Sharing insights on collaborative innovation

IMP³rove Academy and Spotfolio have jointly developed the Collaborative Innovation Radar.

We will offer you

  • the possibility to identify potential partners in technologies that are essential for your future competitiveness
  • insights into their innovation management capabilities benchmarked against peers in order to select innovation catalysts

If you would like to learn more about Spotfolio and IMP³rove Academy services, and how you can benefit from them, we are happy to arrange a conference call.  We are looking forward to hearing from you. Just contact the Spotfolio Team.

Dr. Martin Ruppert

Managing Director IMP³rove – European Innovation Management Academy (an A.T. Kearney subsidiary)

“Spotfolio is a next-generation technology solution addressing networking challenges of both young firms and established businesses. It bridges the gap between these stakeholders through a unique technology radar which is based on a semantic web search, providing transparency and a plethora of opportunity for collaborative innovation. On Spotfolio’s platform, businesses can select the technologies, products and services to be monitored on an ongoing basis, and access information on companies matching these criteria. Firms can keep track of corporations which show interest in their activities and monitor them, can save their searches and can get notified when a new firms meeting their criteria registers.”

Collaborative Innovation_Transforming Business, Driving Growth

World Economic Forum

You like to

Introduce your technology service

Get on the radar of corporates that are interested in your company and make a major step to global growth!

You like to

Search for technology partners

Find interesting players in the field of technology with innovative technologies, products and services!
This service is presently available in German only. But we are happy to help and assist you. Please get in contact with us!

The solution for the following

Target group

  • Research Institutes
  • Corporates (M&A, Research & Development, Product Management, Business Development)
  • M&A
  • Venture Capital/Private Equity
  • Tech Firms


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About Spotfolio

We connect companies builds transparency between large and small
partners for collaborative innovation by developing a unique
technology radar which is based on a semantic web search. On, large businesses can define relevant technologies,
products and services to be monitored and can access information
on companies matching these search criteria – including profiles
with technology, patent and brand data and financial statements.
Small businesses can set up profiles to attract and scout potential
business partners actively.

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