We connect companies

Spotfolio bridges the gap between two major stakeholders of our economy: the young, innovative tech firms on the one side and large corporations on the other side.

Spotfolio is a business matching platform for social media, including financial and economic data of the German high-tech market, high-tech companies and startups. The service and technology next-generation solution enables young, dynamic and established companies to identify new business and to find business partners.

Spotfolio provides these players a unique technology radar service based on a semantic web search, social media services and financial and economic data. By using this service on companies can monitor changes in technologies, products and services. They will also receive additional access to information on companies and startups that match their search criteria and will be notified as soon as new companies register.

Young, dynamic companies use the opportunity to present their company profile, enriched with financial and economic data continually updated by Spotfolio. By using the business social media service on they can post company news, offers and requests and hence catch corporates’ attention more easily.

The platform service is supported by international partnerships. An internationalization is planned and will open the Spotfolio service to further markets, as an international business matching platform for companies.