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Spotfolio is the only worldwide technology scouting platform for corporates, research institutions and large medium-sized companies.

Technology scouting is the structured observation and early recognition of changes, potentials and relevant knowledge of technological developments and processes. Spotfolio combines data from primary sources with information from semantic crawling technology, thus enabling established companies to identify new technologies and business models, to become aware of disruptive tendencies at an early stage and to gain important impulses for their own innovation management.

Research institutions find new partners through for joint projects and the acquisition of third-party funding. Text search with any technology or other term provides a hit list with all relevant companies in this context, as well as a comprehensive dossier with technology, business and other company information for each company.

Spotfolio also offers studies and reports on many technology areas and for the venture capital market: Research on demand – also tailor-made and on demand. The weekly newsletter keeps the players up to date with news from the Tech and Startup scene.


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