Do you need short-term and tailor-made research about a tech industry or a technology sector?
E.g. for a presentation, a lecture, as a basis for decision-making or as individual content for your marketing? Would you like data feeds or a startup analysis in your technology sector or industry of your choice?

We will be happy to do that for you!

We can provide you with content tailored to your special needs or target groups at short notice and at low cost:
studies, analyses, presentations, infographics on almost all technological business fields and tech companies.
Spotfolio has a worldwide database and is therefore able to answer all your questions quickly and comprehensively.

We analyse for example:

  • Which startups fit your growth strategy?
  • Where are there potentially disruptive business models that are important for your industry?
  • How is a market structured?
  • How will the market develop in the future?
  • Which competitors are there in a market, which are the key players?
  • What best practices or benchmarks are there in this market?

Only a few questions remain unanswered in the worldwide tech sector!


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